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Whirlpool Washing Machine Error Codes

washing machine

Are you seeing error codes on your Whirlpool Washing Machine and not sure how to interpret them? Repair Giant has compiled a list of error codes with explanations of what could be causing them, to help you troubleshoot and make repairs on your own and get your machine working again

Error CodeExplanation
FHNo water inlet
FAAqua stop failure
FPDrain failure
FO5NTC failure
F06Tachometer failure (no motor movement detected)
F07Triac short circuit detection (motor control module)
F10Motor control unit failure
F11Communication error (control unit)
F13Dispenser circuit error
F14EEPROM failure (control unit)
F15Motor control unit error
F16Control unit failure
F18Control unit failure
F20Control unit failure
F21Control unit failure
F22Control unit failure
FDLDoor lock error
FDUDoor unlock error

If you are still experiencing problems with your washing machine, don't hesitate to contact Repair Giant and arrange an appointment with one of our qualified engineers. Remember that some repairs require the expertise of a trained professional, so if you are planning to carry out a repair yourself, please exercise caution and do so only if you are qualified

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