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Hotpoint Dishwasher Error Codes


Hotpoint, a trusted and popular dishwasher brand in the UK, is known for its dependable products and competitive pricing. One notable advantage of Hotpoint dishwashers is their integrated diagnostic system, where LED lights on the control panel indicate specific error codes corresponding to the detected issues within the machine.

If you're a proud owner of a Hotpoint appliance, you might have encountered Hotpoint dishwasher flashing lights or Hotpoint dishwasher error codes. This concise guide equips you with all the necessary information to decipher the fault code system, empowering you to make adjustments or repairs to your machine and restore its functionality efficiently.

While the provided Hotpoint dishwasher fault codes offer guidance, it's important to note that they may not apply to every appliance, and not all suggested solutions should be undertaken by consumers. If you're experiencing issues with your Hotpoint dishwasher, we strongly advise reaching out to Repair Giant to arrange an appointment with our skilled and qualified engineers. Certain repairs necessitate the expertise of trained professionals to ensure proper resolution and safety

Flashing NumberFaultPossible causes
A-1Overflow, water in base. Float switch activatedFinding the leak can require some patience and experience. Look for signs where water has been leaking for a while on the circulation motor and other components. Check the fill hose if you have aquastop.
A-2Valve or turbine faulty or disconnected. Machine not sensing the water flow into applianceCheck turbine is turning freely, inlet valve leaking when off.
A-3Time-out on draining, not draining fast enough or not draining at all.Check drain pump, blockages in pipes or behind filters. Module.
A-4Thermistor circuitThermistor or Module faulty.
A-5Pressure switchMesh plate, filter or microfilter. Pressure switch. Circulation pump
A-6Time out on fillingCheck tap is on and water pressure. Inlet valve. Connnections blockage in fill hose. Water flow turbine stuck or faulty
A-7Turbine faultyModule has detected no turbine rotation. Check turbine and wiring.
A-8Time out heatingHeater fault. NTC thermistor detached from casing or faulty.
A-9Software recognition faultModule not programmed or faulty. Wrong keypad.
A-10Heating CircuitHeating element, connections, module pcb, relay or pressure switch.
A-12Communication errorCommunication error between boards. Could be faulty board or wiring. Check all connections first.
A-13Non-operative modulePCB fault.

The purpose of this list is to assist you in comprehending the potential issue(s) your Hotpoint dishwasher might be encountering. If you are considering a self-repair, exercise utmost caution and proceed only if you possess the necessary qualifications. Otherwise, we strongly recommend scheduling a Hotpoint dishwasher repair with one of our skilled professional engineers. Your safety and the proper resolution of the problem are our top priorities

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