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Do Fridge Freezers Need Maintenance?

Do Fridge Freezers Need Maintenance?

A faulty fridge freezer is not something you want to hold off. A same day repair is needed if you want to rescue your food shopping for that week.

However, at Repair Giant, we’ve noted a lot of common issues during previous repairs which we believe are preventable. With a little love and care, you could well stretch the lifespan of your Fridge Freezer by a further 7 years; think how much you would save in either replacing or repairing!

Therefore, maintaining a fridge freezer is highly recommended to ensure it runs nicely throughout its useful life.

Here we explain how best to maintain your Fridge Freezer. This list has been curated by our 15 years of expertise and experience at Repair Giant.

Before you implement anything in the list below – turn the power off at the electrical mains and disconnect the plug from the socket prior to initiating the cleaning process.

Clean compressor coils (6 months)

• The coils shown in the image shown above, which can be found at the back or bottom of the fridge, should be regularly cleaned every 6 months.
• This part of the fridge freezer typically becomes dirty and dusty over time. Pick up a damp cloth and wipe down the coils of any visible dirt.
• It might be worth getting your vacuum cleaner to suck up the dirt and debris.

Close the door

• Closing the doors to your fridge or freezer will do wonders in the long term. Think of it like this, the fridge has to work extra hard to maintain the correct temperature when the door is opened. And when the fridge goes into overdrive like this, it won’t be long before it becomes faulty.
• Power and lights went out? This is most likely due to leaving the fridge freezer door opened for a long time. Keeping the fridge doors closed allows the fridge to retain the low temperature.
• Please ensure the fridge freezer doors are tightly closed before you leave the kitchen space. Check food has not been defrosted if the door was left opened for a while.

Change filters (6 months)

• If your fridge freezer has an ice maker and/or water dispenser, you may want to consider changing your filter. We recommend you change it every 6 months subject to usage.
• The timeframe of 6 months should be shortened to quarterly if the filters are used more frequently than normal.
• See your manufacturer’s manual for specific information in relation to your fridge freezer make and model. Or give us a call on 02072677230 to get a specialist to change it for you.

Check temperature

• Fridges typically should measure between 2.5°C and 4.4°C. However, it should NOT be more than 5°C!
• In regard to freezers, this should be set at -19°C to -17°C.

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