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Beko Dishwasher Error Codes





Below, you'll find a compilation of common error codes for BEKO dishwashers and their corresponding meanings. We have taken the liberty of putting together this list for your convenience. Please take a look:

Flashing NumberFault
H2Turbidity sensor error
H3Diverter valve error
H4NTC error
H5Uninterruptible water inlet error
H6Water inlet fault
H7Heating fault

Error TypeError Code
Overflow, water leaked into baseP1 Blink
No Water into applianceP1 Blink
Heater faultP3 Blink
Turbidity fault - level of water clarityP4 Blink
3WV - Diverter Valve position errorP5 Blink
NTC Fault (temperature sensor)P6 Blink
Water inlet valve faultF1 & F2 Blink (2 bars at bottom of display)

Understanding the meaning of the error codes can provide you with insight into the issues your dishwasher is experiencing. This knowledge can help you determine whether you're capable of fixing the problem yourself or if you should seek assistance from a professional dishwasher repair service.

However, if you choose to undertake the repair on your own, please exercise caution and proceed only if you possess the necessary qualifications, as electrical appliances can pose life-threatening risks.

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